Robenz is a German musician and music producer. In the late 1990s he started making music with samplers, synthesizers and computers. Influenced by the golden time of Hip-Hop in the 90s, he created instrumental Hip-Hop tracks. These tracks later developed into complex Trip-Hop songs. In 2007 he's ready for his first release, the 12-Track album "Between Stations". For some songs befriended musicians appear as guests: Christiane Specht with Vocals, Christian Nussbaum (Blckwvs/Skapegoat) with Bass, Daniel Kientz (Skapegoat) with Vocals+Guitar, Stefan Haum with Guitar. Since the beginning of working with audio tools he also works with Indie-, Rock-, Jazz- Bands/Musicians to produce their songs and albums. Especially and still continuing with Skapegoat. At the moment he collaborates with a friends music project called Sejval to create an full-length album which is expected to be released in 2012. While all these projects Robenz produced some Remixes mostly using the pseudonym Doserhand.


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